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Help Enable National-Scale Canadian Genomics Research

CanDIG is building the open-source, standards-based infrastructure to power truly national-scale Canadian genomics health research projects, allowing the analysis of Canada-wide data while keeping patients data secure and private within the instutions entrusted with that data.

As a GA4GH driver project, we work closely with our fellow driver projects - the largest genomics projects in the world - developing, testing, and implementing emerging standards for health genomics projects, on matters technical, of security, and of governance and ethics. Through the GA4GH we collaborate with hospitals, universities, and major private sector companies like Amazon, Azure, and Google; and through international grants we are taking what Canada has learned about secure federated data analysis and introducing it to the international community.

We have a modern software stack, with RESTful APIs, Python and Go, OpenID Connect, Swagger/OpenAPI, Docker and Singularity. We have a growing national profile, supporting important research projects like TF4CN and PROFYLE, and international visibility.

Does that sound like something you'd like to be a part of? Great! We're frequently looking for new team mates! Take a look below and see if any of these job look right for you; and if not, check back soon - we continue to grow!


Bioinformatics Software Developer – Web Applications

McGill is looking for a Web Application Developer to engage in the development maintenance of a number of web applications, including the International Human Epigenome Consortium (IHEC) Data Portal, GenAP, and other online resources.

Scientific Data Architect

McGill is seeking a Scientific Data Architect to engage in the development of public and internal databases for projects in the fields of genomics, epigenomics, neuro-imaging, and other life science related fields.


Back end Developer, Authentication

Coming soon! Will be hiring for a position to start April 2019

Back end web development, OpenID Connect

Waterloo co-op, spring semester

Coming soon! Always on the look out for co-op students

REST API development, Python


Research Programmer

The Michael Smith Genome Science Centre of BC Cancer is looking for an enthusiastic and self-motivated Research Programmer to work on a federated genome data sharing project based on the Global Alliance for Genomics and Health framework.

Python, REST API development, Web Frameworks