CanDIG and the Press

2019 Jan 24: Canada, EU, and Africa combine to allow researchers to analyze health data on the largest, most diverse scale

Getting the answers patients and researchers need requires the ability to analyze or query health and genomic data from an enormous number of patients - patients who have their own needs, and deserve to have their data kept at the highest levels of security and privacy. Read More

2018 Nov 21: CANARIE selects CanDIG project as basis for a prototype National Data Service for Health Genomics

As data management grows more important for science, building Canadian capacity for managing and securely accessing health genomics will help accelerate biomedical discovery. Read More

2017 Oct 17: Cross-Canada Project CanDIG Selected to Help Drive International Genomics Standards

Making the most of biomedical research requires new ways of discovering and exchanging knowledge about genomic data; Canadian project CanDIG has been selected to help lead an effort for securely sharing such datasets. Read More